Sunday, November 1, 2015

The Law of Unintended Consequences.

This headline caught my attention (Sunday Times, Nov 1, page C20):

I then wrote a Facebook post:

I was bemused by the headline "The economy of snakes and rabbits" in Larry Haverkamp's SunTimes column today (pg C20). Ah, he was regaling the reader with 2 examples of The Law Of Unintended Consequences. Case No 1: Australia imported rabbits so they could shoot Roger and his mates for sport. Well, turned out the animals got lucky in the Lucky Country and scored (with each other) than they were being shot at! So now there are 20 million rabbits Down Under. Case No 2 is about how India tried to control the number of wild cobras there by offering a bounty. Well, people starting breeding cobras and, yes, there are now more cobras than before. 

My own observation? Singapore's failed twist-and-turn population policy. And now China is about to reverse it's One-Child policy. It won't succeed if TLOUC kicks in.

Michael came in with this example:

There is also the tragicomedy of the cane toad in Australia.

To which I responded:

Ah yes. I am sure examples elsewhere abound. To be fair, there are positive examples of TLOUC.

Michael again:

Like Aspirin is now a blood thinner???

Irene offered this solution to the rabbit problem:

What Australia needs is a bunch of talented Cantonese chefs to set up lotsa restaurants dishing up delicious rabbit cuisine.

And I said:

Haha...Rabbit Jumps Over The Wall!


I was curious about this so-called law. I like WiseGeeks' write-up on it:

What is the Law of Unintended Consequences?

Finally, from Quora, is this fascinating item!...

What are the best examples of the law of unintended consequences in action?

Women who have given birth... say thank you to one Dr Ignaz Semmelweis!

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