Wednesday, August 12, 2015

SG50 and the Durex ad.

How many young Singaporean couples took advantage of the long SG50 holiday break to party till late? Too tired by then, perhaps. How many chose to stay at home and snuggle up instead? How many patriotically "stood up" for baby-deficient Singapore?

Durex must have wondered. It came up with a brilliant "apology letter" ad which it put up in local newspapers:

Durex has been in the forefront of creative ads, notes Business Insider:

We're sorry our products are so good: Why Durex emerges as the King of Advertising

But Durex has also bungled. It had to issue a real apology to the Thais last year:

Durex says sorry for Thai Facebook ad that suggests some women who resist eventually give in

So there's the rub(ber). Get it right, and it lubricates the public's sense of humour. In pushing the point, just don't touch any sensitive or sore nerve. Safe sex, and safe ad!

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