Tuesday, December 30, 2014

As 2014 fades away...

Placid Singapore frets about how "luan" (chaotic) the world is...

ST, Dec 30
Sometimes, one wonders if the country is going to the dogs!

There are even tingkat dinner deliveries for the pooches! The tingkat is a tiffin carrier
one normally associates with catered home-delivered meals for humans.

Maybe the country is going to the kiddies... we are spoiling them with expensive toys!

Or maybe it is going to the "foreign talent"...
even the aircon repairman is angmoh, going by this ad???

Pic taken by KA, Dec 30
Interestingly, there is this unusual "reverse" foreign talent outflow...
a Singaporean trained as a lawyer and practising as a stand-up comedian in New York City!

So, a lawyer walks into a comedy club...


Her name is Jocelyn Chia, and she wrote a commentary piece for ST (Dec 30):

Her commentary piece can be accessed here:



There is one more amazing thing to note as 2014 fades away...

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