Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Germany... in two dozen pictures!

My final batch of "interesting" pics from my German holiday:

This snapshot from a Dresden tourism office poster (obviously) shows most of the major cities covered, excluding Hannover and Stuttgart. Our tour director said the 11-day trip spanned over 3,200 km or 2,000 miles:

Yes, we did find the 4711 brand in Cologne (Koln)!
We were told Schmidt is the commonest family name in Germany:

We tried calling Killer, our mini schnauzer, Schmidt, but he's no hoi polloi. He refused to acknowledge that plebeian handle.
I don't think this name will be quite as common...

Found... the Mississippi Queen, in Hamburg harbour!

Roll it, roll it, roll it on the river.
Berlin, my favourite German city. And this is our tour director's favourite restaurant there, for good reasons (hic, hic)...

The Berlin Wall... one last kiss before their world crumbles?

So that's how Communist leaders embrace each other!
Hmm, so who's Dominic Khoo from SG?
 Checkpoint Charlie... the fake one, for the camera-toting tourists...

Reminders of the hubris of Nazi propaganda (Nuremberg Documentation Center)...

At Dachau...

Into the famed Black Forest. This calls for a Black Forest cake!

...and a choice of cuckoo clocks with or without cuckoo sound!


If cuckoo clocks keep you awake, you can always Zleep in this Hamburg hotel...

...or have a flutter at this casino:

Maybe not this one...

Check this out... for Big Bertha??


...and erotik??

After all that erotic/erotik stuff, Hot Red Wine!

Meanwhile, I thought this yoghurt drink has an odd brand name...

Finally, this one's for Angie!

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