Monday, April 27, 2015

Gute Fahrt? The Germans sure know how...

I am still on my (hopefully) good-humoured excursion into German "sign language". So here's to a "Gute Fahrt!" or, more long-windedly, "Auf wiedersehen und gute fahrt!"...

I found another online "essayist" with a similar sense of humour:

How to Fahrt in German

So now that you know what fahrt means in German, here's some more such signs that I spotted enroute:

Stand and Fahrt?

These other signs also amused me...

Just like Singapore... No this, No that!!
Beware of tree, or Beware of truck??
Oh deer, they are at it again!
Why do we non-Germans say and spell a particular city as "Munich" while the Germans themselves use the version "Munchen"?...

Apparently, it has something to do with the umlaut (those two dots). Non-German speakers may have difficulty enunciating "Munchen" correctly. But, then again, maybe someone else might have a better explanation.

Finally, Mental Floss has a piece on "11 Facts You Should Know About the Umlaut":

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