Saturday, April 11, 2015

Oh, what a gas!

This ad in The Straits Times (April 11) caught my eye:

German gas? I remembered that my older siblings used to tease each other whenever one of them released some really stinky "German gas"! But this expression seemed to have sputtered out and I am not sure if Generations X and Y are familiar with it.

Wikipedia (under the heading "Fart") has this interesting cartoon which hints at the German origin of this expression:

The caption reads thus:
German peasants greet the fire and brimstone from a papal bull of Pope Paul III in Martin Luther's 1545 Depictions of the Papacy.

I posted the German gas ad on Facebook and KA responded with this pic of a well-prepared dog...

Oh no, the old fart's at it again!
 Finally, the Family Guy cartoon series seems to have this scorching farting scene in one of its episodes!...

Haha, I am off to, yes, Germany, for a holiday. So I won't be blogging for two weeks.

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