Monday, July 13, 2015

Don't anyhow use 'existential', hor!

There it was... another misuse of "existential crisis"!...

ST, July 7
How can climate change as a general phenomenon plunge someone (let alone the whole world) into an existential angst?

I think this meme which I found online says it very well:

This little boy indeed has an identity crisis on his hands... he is portrayed in all sorts of memes covering all sorts of crises!     
Want another "existential" poser? This is both philosophical and funny:

Then there are the "existential threats"... another favourite cliche of hacks who don't give a heck!...

Language Nazis are indeed in imminent danger!

So, to those who are careless or clueless, or both, here is a good "existential" primer:

Existential threat: the birth of a cliché

I actually have a collection of "existential" examples (correctly and incorrectly used). Here they are....


I have reserved the best for last!...

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