Friday, July 17, 2015

Eye op, eye op, eye op, eye op, eye op...

I had an eye operation on Wednesday. Although I am told to stay rested by keeping my face looking downwards as much as possible FOR TWO WEEKS, by Day 2, I was going nuts and I posted this item on Facebook:

A short playlist (inspired by my macular hole vitrectomy, Wednesday):
1. Look Down (from Les Mis)
2. Eye Op Eye Op (apologies to Bee Gees)
3. Hole in the Eye (apologies to Black Sabbath)
During a brain scan last year, the piped in music included:
1. Tears in Heaven
2. Right There Waiting (for you)

So I won't be blogging for a while -- or forever, if I end up in the mental hospital after really going nuts. Since I have already previously seen the colorectal surgeon, I will wrap up with this:

"More precisely, the posterior orifice!"

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  1. Wife says she may go nuts before you do for trying to get you to lie face-down!!!