Monday, October 5, 2015

Beware of tpyos!

So how many tigers did you spot in this image, which I posted yesterday?

There are 17 tigers in all. If you have tried this "sharp-eye test" and found fewer than 17, scroll down to the bottom of today's blog entry to see them all, numbered for your convenience. If you have not tried it yet, give it a go (by all means, enlarge the image above)!

If I were hiring someone for a job that requires proofreading smarts (such as an editor or copy editor), I would not use such a test. But I would expect that individual to spot or preempt the errors below:

This next one requires awareness about a certain famous American personality:

This one is local (ST). I would not use "call of nature" because of its idiomatic slang meaning:

KA spotted this one, in yesterday's Sunday Times:

I found this one (below) online. It is quite hilarious!...
(ST, take note; some of your WISHBs could be written up with a similar touch of humour, perhaps for the blooper above.)

This was also found online...well, if there are Iron Chefs, why not Concrete Chefs?

So, if your job requires you to proofread diligently...

Better still...


Finally, here are the 17 tigers...

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