Thursday, October 1, 2015

VW: When smoke gets in the ire!

So Volkswagen has been "outed" and is paying the price for its folly. But why did it do it? This article below asks some pertinent questions:
4 Questions About VW’s Massive Emissions Cheating Scandal That Still Need Answers

Meanwhile, the company now says its investigation will take months.

(At least that estimate is better than Indonesian President Jokowi's estimate that the regional smog pollution coming from Sumatra and Kalimantan will still be around for at least another three years -- UNLESS the "months" that VW is thinking of are 36 months or more!).

Online, VW has been a popular target:

There's one more question that people have started asking: Is VW alone in using the so-called "defeat devices"?

I currently own a Volkswagen, but it is a petrol-driven Touran, so it is not on the list of now infamous VW model types. I recently had it serviced and picked up a copy of VW Singapore's monthly magazine. That's when I found this interesting blast from the past!...

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