Monday, November 10, 2014

A Chinese classic revised, and other stuff...

Dream of the Red chamber?
(version 2014)


Crouching Merlion, Smitten Dragon?
(version 2014)

Actually, this exercise will have been interesting, interoperability and logistics-wise. Even the ammunition used will be incompatible... for example, the SAF uses 5.56mm rounds for its assault rifle while the PLA uses 7.62mm rounds. This inconvenience aside, we are told the troopers had a really great time "charging up the hill together" and fighting "shoulder to shoulder in the battlefield":

So, was the big Eagle watching all this camaraderie?

Now, it's "First to tuition, then to school"...

Once upon a time, schoolchildren here grew up on the slogan "First to Bata, then to school":

Not these days. It is either "tuition, then school" or "school, then tuition" (whichever)...

Incidentally, those tuition centres that call themselves "enrichment centres" got it spot-on!

And, with so much money spent on tuition, one would expect Singaporeans to at least pronounce that three-syllabic word correctly. But what does one commonly hear?... "Tue-sion"!!

I decided to check out some of the ads:

Give your child? (a) the Love for Learning? (b) PSLE subjects? Even if your England is not so powderful, I am sure you sensed something wrong in the way this tagline was written.

Any money-back guarantee if your child ends up not so smart and/or not so happy?

I felt that this ad below is in a class of its own...

I think the look on the child's face is one of incredulity!...

I would too, if I had to solve equations like this one...


High-speed journalism

Finally, old school journalists were taught never to jump the gun by "sexing" up a story, especially if a court proceeding or inquiry would take place following the said event...

How did the reporter know with 100 per cent certainty that it was a high-speed car crash? The word of a policeman (who, anyway, did qualify his assertion)? And, as I have noted, so many experienced eyes going through copy and page proofs...

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