Thursday, November 13, 2014

That long break... this time, it's for real!

I mean it, so the items here are just to tidy up.

Dear Education Minister (Part 2),
yesterday, I pointed out to you a fantastic ad on game-changing educational practices. I spotted another one today, which I am also sharing with you (I am sure there are more out there, each one touting its special recipe):



On Monday, I showed this picture of this boy...

...and this mathematical problem (both from the same ad):

I made a tongue-in-cheek connection. A maths whiz then said, "Let me check if this equation is for real, and not just anyhow made up." Well, turns out that it is! And here's the solution, courtesy of the aforesaid maths whiz:

Impressive! But then, I belong in the "Catch no ball" category, maths-wise.


I think that it is rather weird that the $1 coin is legal tender up to any amount:

  So does this writer to ST Forum...


I think Singapore has found a new niche role, as a facilitator for military confidence building between the US' and Chinese militaries. Expect more Chinese warships to visit Changi Naval Base. Who knows, the PLA Navy might even join in future CARAT exercises!...


Finally, two videos specially for the over-50s!

Green Side of the Grass (The Other Side of 50)

I Don't Look Good Naked Anymore!

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