Sunday, November 16, 2014

Brady (July 1997-November 2014)

We will meet again, my sweet, handsome dog. You were a survivor:
* OD'd on human medication you stole and went into a heart-thumping frenzy for hours till you eventually calmed down. You were then a few weeks old puppy;
* "flew" as if you had wings onto the kitchen top and stole 12 sticks of satay, with the vet saying, "Watch what comes out and be prepared for the worst";
* and you overcame your cancer.

Your best friends Bobby and Girly had gone on ahead and this day, you join them in Heaven.

You were the "kor kor" dog and bosom buddy to Killer who misses you too.

Angie created the montage below:

Lynn's requiem for you on Facebook:

Goodnight, Brady.

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