Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Dear Mr Xi, Mr Abe, Mr Putin...

Dear Mr Xi and Mr Abe,
this  media photo shows the two of you, shall we say, frozen in time:

You could have shut off the air-conditioning in that room and Hell would have frozen over. May I, with due respect, and in the interest of everyone else's fervent hope for warmer relations all-round in the Asia-Pacific, implore you two to listen to this by now iconic song from the movie Frozen:


The lyrics are provided in the YouTube clip so please, please, sing along as a duet (while shaking hands more warmly and sincerely) and LET IT GO! LET IT GO!


Dear Mr Putin,
they say a picture says a thousand words This one sure did...

Here in Singapore, we might just exclaim, "Walau, this one chee ko pek or what??" And your timing was exquisite... just when the husband was pally pally-ing with Mr Obama.

Of course the Western media went to town with the story, such as this CNN piece complete with a video of that "shawl we dance?" moment...

Cut the shawl talk: Chinese censors wipe Putin's move on China's first lady


So the Chinese were not amused, huh? I suggest you write Mr Xi a note explaining that you were trying to maintain the warm relations between the two countries. The Asia-Pacific sure needs warmer ties all-round.

Dear Director of the next Star Trek movie,
I didn't know you were invited to the APEC leaders' summit in Beijing.

And that you have found your entire cast of actors there! How else, all that Star Trek-like attire as seen in the photo op??...

Anyway, all APEC leaders,
live long and prosper, keep warm and warm up ties too, and Mr Putin, I wish you all the best as you try to explain to your wife what you were doing.

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