Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Claws in translation: catty idioms.

Just as I had, in my previous blog entry, found the expression "to stub one's toe" an unfamiliar one (idiom-wise), this catty idiom below also got my tongue...

To set the cat among the pigeons? No problem. But does this variation have the same meaning, that is, to cause alarm, discomfort, or consternation? I reread the story:

Having done so, I had to presume it has the same meaning as the cat-pigeon one. The cat (the watchdog, haha!) has created unease among the chickens (the slaughterhouse operators) by embarking on an investigation into possible price-fixing among them.

But guess what? Cats, according to this story below, get along with chickens!...

Why it’s okay to put a cat in the henhouse

And, putting a twist on the cat-pigeon idiom but sticking with the cat-chicken idiom, this People's Daily story has this admonition:

'Don't put cat with the chickens'

It's fascinating what one can uncover online.

I'll wrap up with this:

The Cat's Pajamas? 7 Purrfect Idioms

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