Sunday, March 8, 2015

Three (Sunday) highlights.

Well-presented "This week in 1965" piece by Ho Ai Li on a major event, seen through the eyes of a young SAF officer at the time:

The nine soldiers who died in Kota Tinggi should be honoured (perhaps jointly by Singapore and Kuala Lumpur). They died defending both Singapore and the then fledgling Malaysia.

Global economics and finance are not easy for the layman to grasp. I found this jargon-easy piece by Larry Haverkamp very helpful:


Spot the error
(Singaporeans commonly make this mistake in spoken conversation but any journalist worth his or her salt should not have allowed such an error to appear in print!)

Here it is, circled:

Mistress in tow or not, I too would fork out $335,000 as downpayment for an entire condominium! What is meant here is a condominium unit.

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