Thursday, March 19, 2015

If it pours, call in the Aquamen? Now you're ribbing me!

It never rains; it pours!

I had anticipated that the promotional ad (below) for the upcoming musical Singin' In The Rain was going to attract flak:

Sure enough, on Tuesday (March 17), one ST reader was upset over the offending tag line:

I waited for the authorities to respond. The PUB did so fairly promptly -- today (March 19):

What was not made explicit in the PUB's missive was: did the now-alerted water agency read the riot act to the production organisers? And did the organisers then had to scramble to put in place a "water recirculation system to recycle the water used..."?

Marina Bay Sands' reply below, also today, is similarly unclear as to whether the recycling system was in place right from the start. It brings us back to the promo's bragging tag line, "12,000 litres of water at every performance!". A pre-emptive disclaimer somewhere in the ad about the recycling bit would have earned them kudos, not flak...

I am surprised no MP raised this issue or at least sought clarification; it was left to an ordinary citizen to do so. Water is very precious to Singapore; we mark World Water Day this Saturday:


Please, not Aquamen!
(Hokkiens will double up in mirth)


You're ribbing me!

Yeah, man. Count them... make sure you still have all your ribs on you!

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