Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Punching above one's weight (Part 1).

"To punch above one's weight", originally a boxing term, is now often used to describe a country that has come to be accepted -- or is potentially capable of being accepted -- as a serious player in an arena outside its usual class.

This superb commentary article below, in today's ST (May 13), assesses the potential of Indonesia under President Jokowi to become a player that can punch above its weight in the international system:

ST, May 13
Singapore too is often described as a country that punches above its weight in key areas:

The Pragmatic ‘Little Red Dot’: Singapore’s US Hedge Against China

Singapore's armed forces are certainly often recognised to be highly potent despite the country's small size. Its air force, for instance, keeps its edge with a sustained modernisation programme a key factor:

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