Monday, May 25, 2015

South China Sea: War of words -- for now?

Headlines in the past few days on the South China Sea issue have been getting shriller by the day -- especially after it was reported that a US Navy maritime surveillance plane flying near one of the Chinese-held islands had been told to get lost (my words).

Analysts keeping tabs on the issue were amazed at the sudden raising of the stakes by the US and China. I am sure the assessment of the writer below is echoed by many others:

ST, May 22, 2015

The overriding question was: Why is the US hardening its stance NOW?

It is still unimaginable why these two big powers would clash militarily or even go to war over the South China Sea. But one might be alarmed by some recent headlines:

'WAR IS INEVITABLE' | China state media warns US on South China Sea tensions

History’s Next Great War Zone: The South China Sea

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