Sunday, May 10, 2015

Weekend wrap-up...

Oh dear, our one-time colonial masters used to call their country GREAT Britain or the UNITED Kingdom (although one of the first things that was impressed upon me as a newbie journalist in The Straits Times in the mid-1970s was that, according to the appropriate house style rule, the unostentatious "Britain" was the correct label)...

Washington Post
I suppose a small country should think twice about giving itself a grandiose name even if it once ruled over an empire where "the sun never set". How many people know that Cambodia and Brunei -- two small states today -- once ruled over empires too.

Meanwhile, this Washington Times news-alert header is rather confusing:

Washington Times
This ST page one is puzzling for one simple reason: it devoted such a lot of "prime space" to a soft-news story about a Bollywood star -- accompanied by that humongus picture!...

Straits Times

Time for some humorous stuff now. Irene posted this on FB:

I came across this some time ago:


Finally, I must admit I found this teaser tricky:

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