Saturday, December 14, 2013

Eclectic musings (Part 2).

I'll continue with one more day of eclectic musings.

The odd one out

A new mall, Westgate, was recently opened in Singapore's west. This sign above was put up by an eatery that had yet to open. But what an odd set of four fingers! Why was the pinky cut off?

The 10 ASEAN member states and Japan are having a pow-wow in Tokyo. There's always the usual photo-op. So what's odd about this AFP picture of all 11 heads (the 10 from ASEAN plus Japanese PM Shinzo Abe)?...

The lady's missing! Thailand's PM Yingluck Shinawatra is not in the line-up, presumably because she's fighting for her political life back home, as the opposition groups continue to paralyse the government. Since there are still 11 people in the photo, I suppose the Thai Foreign Minister must be one of them.

Where there's smog, there's ire

Smog is good because it can cause enemy missiles to go awry? Because it makes you laugh?

But smaug, not smog, makes for a great headline...

The excellent headline above is from TODAY. But ST failed to be as creative in its film review:

ST did have a couple of good recent headlines...

There is actually nothing wrong with this headline below. But I'm thinking of the movie Kill Bill and imagining an online gamer named Bill going around slashing at hapless South Koreans!...

Still on creative stuff, the two BMW ads below, and one by UniSIM, stand out (although I think "thought leadership" is just meaningless jargon and should not have been added in... unless "Igniting Thought Leadership" means to blow it away!):

Pick of the pics

I took this picture above because I found it funny (from the perspective of my peculiar sense of humour anyway). Here is a Methodist church... and it is the (Catholic) Cardinal who rules within!

I also found this sight, taken at Gardens By The Bay, funny (peculiar, not ha-ha funny):

Those shrubs are going to keep growing and before long, that "In case of fire" sign is going to be covered up. All such signs should always be prominently visible.

Meanwhile, this creative "In Case of..." work by "Sticker Lady" Samantha Lo (SKLo) sure makes a powerful statement!...

Finally, the durian, as described by an Ang Moh (caucasian) in this New York Times story in TODAY (Dec 14) suggesting that the "world's smelliest fruit" may fruitfully be deployed to deter theft of other stored produce (won't work here, of course):

I couldn't have described the king of fruits better... "overtones of hazelnut, apricot, caramelized banana and egg custard". Touche! Just don't touch or press the prickly thorns, hor:


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