Friday, December 13, 2013

Eclectic musings (Part 1).

Word of the Day

I have no particular theme today so it's an eclectic list that follows.

Big Power politics in Asia hots up

Here's a scary encounter between the US and Chinese navies, as reported by the Washington Times. I have not seen any of the local media reporting this serious incident at sea:

U.S. Navy-China showdown: Chinese try to halt U.S. cruiser in international waters

As reported in ST (Dec 13), Japan's PM Abe is trying to make ASEAN members take sides!...

I wonder who among his intelligence staff are giving him such silly advice? First, ASEAN members are not so cohesive that they will act with one voice on challenging China; secondly, ASEAN members -- with the possible exception of the Philippines -- would rather ask Japan to just "Show us the money" (stick to economic matters) and not try to play US-style strategic partner; thirdly, as the above incident at sea indicates, do not expect any let-up in the brinkmanship game that the US and China will keep playing in the Asia Pacific waters. But then, they are the elephants. The rest -- including Japan -- are the ants. And. as the saying goes, whether the elephants make war or make love, the ants still get trampled on.

Abe had earlier tried the "let's start all over again, dear" approach with China:

To which, I am reminded of this Carol King song (which must be on the Chinese leaders' minds as they rebuffed him)...

It's Too Late


Ad-ttack on our sensibilities! 

Who was the idiot who dreamed up this ad for Fish & Co.?...

Anyway, here's the story:

Fish & Co. apologises for insensitive advertisement

Ya Kun's kaya toast outlet at Suntec City had this puzzling poster on one wall:

Maybe someone out there can explain this enigma to me.

And I suppose most people won't bat an eyelid over this unassuming ad below:

But in today's context, with life expectancy going into the seventies and even eighties, you are labelled "senior" once you go past 50?? 


This neighbourhood confectionary had sold me some yummy gingerbread men:

So how could I resist the gingerbread reindeer it then came out with?...



There was this story in ST on how some National Institute of Education academics did a survey to assess Singaporean students' grasp of "civic issues":

Some sample questions were reproduced in the article:

It is a survey of views... but there are correct answers? Take Question 2. I think opposition parties that aspire to eventually contest in every electoral ward in Singapore will have something to say about this "correct" answer.  


I vote this the best quote I've seen this week!


Finally, as the world pays tribute to the late Nelson Mandela who died at the age of 95...

... it struck me that, were my parents still alive today, my father would have been 99 years old and my mother 97 years old!...

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