Sunday, December 22, 2013


I have three items today which I shall label "Unbelievable!"...

Singaporeans On Board (SOB)

In yesterday's blog entry, I mentioned that there were 2,500 Singaporeans out of the 3,500 passengers on the cruise ship. Hey, if you are a sociologist in search of Singaporean traits, go on such a cruise. You will uncover (below) these gems and/or affirmation of known traits:

* The woman who, finding her photos in the ship's photo-shop gallery racks, whipped out her cellphone to snap pics. Why pay upwards of US$15 per photo, she must have reasoned!

* The family that turned up at the fine dining restaurant at dinner time only to order fish and chips!

* The legendary "chopers" during showtime or for seats at the crowded lunchtime bistro. Also, young couples who have no qualms about occupying bistro tables meant for four to six people even while other diners were searching for seats. They made it very clear they were not about to share the space by scattering their belongings on their table and chairs.

* One group of youths (identified by their typical Singaporean accent) in one of the lounges who made a racket giggling loudly away while the ensemble of two violinists and a pianist were performing modern classical pieces. Buay pai say, man!

* Try walking behind a gaggle of Singaporeans on a cruise ship. You can't get pass them if you are in a hurry. Try avoiding a collision with Singaporeans when they are coming towards you. At the last moment, they will walk into you as if you are not there!!

Come of think of it, these traits I have described are believable -- because they actually happen. And to be fair, we met many nice and courteous Singaporeans on board.

A resurrection? An unbelievable headline!

This Sunday Times article (Dec 22) by Wong Kim Hoh is very well written and heart-warming. But it was marred by the ridiculous headline (not written by Kim Hoh; many people think that writers write their own headlines. No, sub-editors and editors do that).

Finally, a road named Cemetery Central? 

Apparently, it's in the Choa Chu Kang Cemetery area.

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