Monday, December 30, 2013

The true meaning of 'express' in Singapore; and heroes tell their stories...

ST's pic taken weeks before: The calm before the storm...

The headline today (Dec 30) in

Massive jam on second day of MCE opening

Netizens have been assigning new monikers to the MCE:

Many Cars Everywhere
Mayhem Causing Expressway
Most Congested Expressway
Most Cocked-up Expressway
etc etc

Nick, who had been caught in the jam, texted me with this calmer reaction:

"It'll get better with time. Problem is that underground, [there is] no landmarks to guide drivers. So when they see the sign that says ECP on one side and KPE on the other side, kiasu-ness kicks in and everyone starts filtering left or right. Actually, the turnoff is about one km away." also reported that one taxi commuter ended up paying $74.20 for a ride from Bishan to the Marina Bay CBD through the MCE because the cabby got lost three times:

So, now you know. In Singapore, "express" has a peculiar meaning. In our education system, the "express" stream is the normal stream, the "normal" stream is the slower-paced stream. To be in the really express stream, you gotta be in the "gifted" stream. So what do you expect from Singapore's expressways?  

Still want to know what is the next (11th) expressway? It is the North-South Expressway (NSE), and major construction work starts in 2015:

By the time the massive NSE project is completed, everyone would have forgotten about today's MCE snafu. So, round and round we go again?


Singapore had so many combat veterans, mostly unsung, and we are only slowly writing about them. I am so glad my former colleague "Vijay" wrote this article about a new book on our pioneering naval volunteers, in today's ST (Dec 30):

I am definitely buying a copy!

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