Friday, June 26, 2015

50 Shades of Yellow -- by D.U. Rian

A friend posted on Facebook:

Far away in Spain, these FB pictures of durian are driving me nuts! *drool
Hope the season is still going strong by the time I get home...

I think foreigners must be totally bemused as to why Singaporeans will do just about anything -- wherever they are -- to sink their teeth into this undisputable yellow-fleshed King of Fruits.

Meanwhile, the number of exotic varieties keep rising.  I am inspired to (one day) write the definitive book on the durian, under an appropriate non de plume:

50 Shades of Yellow -- by D.U. Rian.

Research work starts now!...

Hail the king of fruit -- 10 types of durians from Malaysia

Durians: 8 Myths and Facts About the King of Fruits

There was even this "health advisory" that circulated online...

Well, this site below says it is a hoax....

The choice is really yours. Me? I wash down my durian feasting with fresh coconut juice.

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