Monday, June 22, 2015

In other words (Part 2).

Best ad that I've seen for Father's Day!...

It's what I call a DRUG BUST!
(headline writer missed the opportunity to use this "seize the moment" double entendre)

Sunday Times, June 21
Oh la la! Were they marked XXX size?
(Spotted by KA)

Walau, if this is for jumbos, the pang sai chwar must be way way beyond XXX size!

Then there is also the JUMBO FEAST!

Picture: KA
For goodness sake, if you have all those wads of cash, don't use the ATM!

Broken heart? I guess that's the way the cookie crumbles...

This is a family of ladders... step ladders. There's step father ladder, step mother ladder, etc...

Finally, this one got me... I don't know what to say here!!

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