Monday, June 8, 2015

A sad state of affairs -- when S'poreans are clueless about their country's foreign policy realities.

This is a superb yet succinct commentary article by Singapore's former Foreign Ministry permanent secretary:

Foreign policy is no laughing matter

I felt compelled to put a comment in Facebook, using this extract below from the article:

What was the silly question that was posed to former Foreign Ministry perm sec Bilahari (ST, pg A19)? Go read his no holds barred tour de force of SG's foreign policy realities. Like Bilahari, I was mentored by Realists like Chan Heng Chee, Lau Teik Soon and Lee Lai-to at NUS' (the then University of S'pore) Political Science Dept. They taught us well about our country's immutable vulnerabilities.

In a lighter vein, I posted this on Facebook last weekend:

This wire story is from Saturday's ST...anyone else noticed this gem amid the South China Sea tensions?... great copy writing from Vietnam's tourism agency!


Finally, this story also piqued me:

So I asked:

Hillary with balls?

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