Thursday, June 18, 2015

On the road.

Of course my dog hasn't got a bike...

...or so I thought!

The Lady in Red, from the rear view mirror of KA's car...

Alas, she is but a cardboard cut-out!

Air waste? Or, as we say in Hokkien, pang phui?

Good choice!

Motoring humour, from across the Causeway...

When I was in Germany, I came across this psychedelic Trabant (aka the Trabi)... well as this stretched Trabant "limo"!

There is even a Trabi museum in Berlin:

Okay, I don't understand German. But is there something about this car that will cause you to itch?

Back in Singapore, I fell in love with this well-kept German beauty, spotted in a public carpark:

KA was in Punggol when he came across this sign. China Railway, here in Singapore??

Finally, mystery number plate... any idea whose car?

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