Sunday, February 16, 2014

Answers to some burning questions...

I was hit by a bout of insomnia, so I read this CNN article with great interest:

Is the snooze button bad for you?

Yes, I am a snooze button "repeater". But I did once invest in an alarm clock in the shape of a basket ball. The idea was to throw the ball/alarm clock over to the corner so I had to get up -- and out of bed -- to retrieve it and stop the annoying buzzer after it had sounded. It was quite a robust clock too, but I finally decided I wanted more sleep anyway. I don't know what happened to it. This penguin clock is my current waker-upper. It is very, very persistent:

Anyway, if nothing else (I'm not about to throw my penguin clock to one corner), I learnt two new buzz(er)word phrases from the CNN article above: sleep inertia and social jetlag.

I learnt another new word -- murmuration -- from this wire picture story which appeared in ST:

I recall that, many years ago, Angie and I were swimming in shallow water at Changi Beach when we saw this huge black fish shape coming towards us! We scrambled ashore, and from that safe vantage, we saw that it was actually a multitude of small black fish swimming in a tight formation and twisting and turning as one. We did not know then about the murmuration phenomenon but, boy, that moving black mass was a scary sight.  

I also found these two Mind Your Body snippets potentially useful in case of emergency...

So now we know... don't use ice, butter, adhesive bandage and especially toothpaste!

ZZZZZ Postscript

Still can't sleep? Try this guy's suggestions...

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