Saturday, February 15, 2014

Don't say 'bulls**t'. Do so with a touch of class... say 'bovine manure'!

I thought my "pun threshold" was pretty high but these ones spotted this past week were really bad:

This one, from ST's classified ads, however, was good!...


I agree with the writer of the letter below; I don't know why people still get hung up over the F-word...

On the other hand, I can think of at least one good reason why one should improve one's vocabulary. Don't just get angry. If you must, why not hurl an insult with a dash of class?...

Now that you have got the hang of it, don't just call someone an "assh**e". Call that jerk a "posterior orifice", or an "Equus africanus asinus orifice". You might just escape being punched.  

Finally, I had previously blogged about how the policy-makers, in deciding on the cut-off age for the so-called "Pioneer Generation" (PG), might have contrived it just so that the "65" in the cut-off age could be set against the "65" in the year 1965, when Singapore became independent. Come on, doing so means people in my school cohort suddenly found ourselves divided into two classes: the PGers and the non-PGers! It is especially galling to be told that a defining criterion was that the PGers -- all who are in this group officially deemed the special generation -- fought the colonial power, the communists and the communalists. What a load of "bovine manure"!

Setting the cut-off age at, say, 70 years old, makes more sense, in keeping with that criterion above. But, now, one ST writer has suggested another possible consideration...

So, now, thanks to this artificial dividing line, there are "older seniors" (those 65 and older come December) and there are "younger seniors" (those who have not yet turned 65 by the end of this year). Only in Singapore. That's "new normal" policy for you -- a load of bovine manure.

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