Thursday, March 13, 2014

A quiz on classic cars, a set of very cheem jokes, and a hangman's job...

I came across this classic cars quiz which I then posted on Facebook:

But it's infuriating... you hit the button to check your score and nothing happens!

There was one beaut of a classic car that I came across on my recent trip to Sydney:

This very well looked-after car is a 1960s-era Chrysler Valiant. I found an Australian motoring website that shed more light on its impact on the Aussie motoring scene of the day:


Several people sent me the link to this set of 20 jokes for the "intellectuals", so it must have been making the rounds online...


Finally, if you are desperate for a job, hang in there! This one's available:

And don't worry about having to twiddle your thumb. When you are not executing the task you are paid to execute, you will be "expected to execute light clerical work". By executive order...

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