Friday, March 7, 2014

Friday news bites...

Cold Warrior turned nuclear peacenik Henry Kissinger wrote a "Tell ya what must be done" commentary on the Ukraine crisis. It appeared in today's ST (March 7):

I searched online and found this Ukrainian news site, KyivPost, which carried the original Washington Post article:

The site also had this interesting pic of an anti-Putin protester:


Today being Friday already, it's now safe to let Sarah Palin -- famous for her "From my porch (in her Alaska home) I can see Russia" remark -- unleash her recent "Told ya so!" admonition to Barack Obama:

From the Huffington Post...

Sarah Palin Relishes Her Vladimir Putin 'Told-Ya-So' Moment

From the Los Angeles Times...

Sarah Palin connects Putin and Ukraine aggression to Obama's jeans

And don't pass up on this one, from a site called Wonkette:

Sarah Palin Wishes Manly Vladimir Putin Could Be Our President Instead
Sarah Palin wishes manly Vladmir Putin could be our President instead


The Pioneer Generator

Coming back to the home front, I have decided I do want to keep tabs on the "Pioneer here, Pioneer there" outbreak after all. I shall call my tracker the Pioneer Generator.

I had posted that there are people suggesting that those of us who missed the boat on being conferred Pioneer Generation (PG) status should not give up hope. Who knows, there might be a second PG... a PG Version 2.0, sort of, etc. Now someone is calling for PG status for the long dead too:

Again, it begs the question: Who were the early pioneers; aren't pioneers the early ones by definition? So how "early" is early? What time frame did they fall into? Who were their predecessors, for whom no such status is permitted? (There is some vague reference to early pioneers as arrivals from elsewhere and to "later pioneers" as those born here). Does it mean the Pioneer Generation we are now told exists (by government proclamation) is in the follow-on category? But not all in this category may be born here.

Not to be outdone, someone else has suggested that there was someone who may be conferred the status of "pioneer painter"; other artists were thereby labelled "second generation artists":

The writer above seems to be confused. We may refer to an artist's pioneering work or works. That's different from sticking the label "pioneer" to the said artist.

As they say, stay tuned. Watch this column.

Um, did the bus go over a speed bump, and cause THE bump to 'unbump'?

Finally, this is a nice "all's well that ends well" story:

Hey, Ms Tammy Tan, I have a question: Will the baby get free lifelong rides?

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