Sunday, March 16, 2014

Rain, and other unusual happenings!

Singaporeans everywhere cheered today, when the long-drawn dry spell was broken (there was some rain yesterday too but not so much). Jose Feliciano's song "Rain" (not Madonna's version) says it all:

World Water Day is supposed to be marked on March 22 worldwide. Even the PUB, Singapore's water agency, says so on its website:

So why are the country's politicians so eager to celebrate WWD yesterday (March 15), ie, Saturday -- a week earlier -- going by this Sunday Times report?...


Okay, now that I've done my part for "Rain, rain, come again, go away another day", it's time for some funnies. KA sent this picture-with-caption which is hilarious:

Look closely; expand the photo's image if you are doubtful. The dog does look like it is driving the car with its paw resting on the sill. And you can't say this picture is a bummer!

Come to think of it, what's the big deal about a dog driving a car? I've seen a teddy bear at the wheel of a car when I was in Jeju, South Korea:

Picture taken at the Teddy Bear Museum, Jeju, South Korea.

Apparently, there are people who will go to any lengths to "connect" with me. I received this email on Friday:

Just click on the link, "she" intimates.

And I got this strange call the other day...

Wah, what country code was that?? Turned out to be Latvia's. Do I know anyone there? Or was it an attempted scam? I checked online:

Hoax-Slayer dismisses the scam possibility. But the golden rule applies: If the country code looks strange, you are not likely to have a long-lost rich uncle from that country bequeathing you a fortune. So stick with the advice from this public service ad:


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