Friday, March 21, 2014

Asking 'Why?'...

WTF! Why are they stirring shit again??...

TODAY (which gave the proper coverage, with a spot-on headline and with a photo from Tempo)

ST (which put its story on a prime page but with a muted headline and with no pic... a busy reader might well have missed the story) (which carried a wire report from AFP)


Why 'gallons'? And PUB's reply...

(Hello, mister! We baby boomers excluded from the definition of "pioneer generation" are also familiar with the one-gallon and five-gallon drum containers!)


Okay, it's Friday. Time to get less serious.

Why are they called Brazil nuts if they come from Bolivia? 


Why do certain birds fly in a V formation?...


Finally, why is a cockpit a cockpit? When is it a flight deck?

Follow this thread below which started out as a serious query -- "Why is the flight deck called a 'cockpit'?" -- and watch it degenerate into off-colour ribalry!...

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