Friday, March 28, 2014

Some random musings...

Pioneer Generator... the saga continues

I said I would be keeping track. Here's what PM Lee was quoted as saying while in London:

To reiterate, I do think people of my parents' and older siblings' generation -- people born before and during the Second World War -- deserve all the accolades, such as PM Lee's eulogy to their dreaming "of a far better Singapore when we became independent". I would even agree that those born in the hardscrabble early postwar years, say, until 1947, deserve being referred to as the Pioneer Generation. But to draw an artificial line between those born in 1949 and those born in 1950 shows how far this well-intended policy had become compromised.

My school class cohort spanned children born in 1949 and 1950. So how can it be that my older friends but from the same cohort dreamt "of a far better Singapore when we became independent" while I and my fellow 1950 birth-year classmates dreamt only of catching spiders as soon as the day's final bell had rung?

Stay tuned!

At least 1950 was a very good vintage year...

Aged to perfection, But of course.

Meanwhile, harking back to the much-ridiculed Gwyneth Paltrow (yesterday's blog entry), if she had wanted to make classy quotable quotes, she should have taken a leaf from the legendary Mae West:

Still on quotable quotes, I thought the Australian Labor MP below who criticised Tony Abbott didn't quite get his choice of words right at the end of that soundbite...

Why "good old days"? If the play on words is on knight/night, then Mr Husic should have said "dark old days"!

Finally, this ST headline below got my over-active imagination ticking into overdrive mode...

A big tick:

Three ticks:

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