Friday, February 20, 2015

Getting lucky and prosperous during the lunar new year (so one hopes!)...

I think I know why I have "literalitis". Otherwise why do we Chinese invert the character for luck during Chinese New Year so that the luck will not flow down??...

So I had a problem when the McCafe barista made this cup of cappuccino for my order... do I drink it from this position?

...or from this position?

Apparently, there is an auspicious day in the run-up to Chinese New Year to go to the bank. As this meme shows, even the god of prosperity (Cai Shen) needs to line up at the ATM:

During this festive season, one may hear "Huat Ah!" being shouted out... a wish to have prosperity bestowed upon one (by you know which god).

So I suppose this brand of packet coffee will be very popular at this time:

I received this greeting on WhatsApp:

But I guess this fish was not so lucky. You could say it got a raw deal!...

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