Saturday, February 14, 2015

The trysts that bind (plus 50 Shades of Suay, SG-style)

I was at the bookshop and chanced upon Fifty Shades of Grey. I picked up the first volume and read it from cover to cover, on the spot. That's right. But I did not read any of the pages between the covers so I am still clueless about what's so hot about the bestselling trilogy and the movie of that title now screening in the cinemas.

Actually, I found other stuff about 50 Shades more spell-binding, like this spoof that a friend posted on Facebook:

If Fifty Shades of Grey Was Written By A Man

I took this explicitly racy picture in my own bedroom to go with #10:

Oh yeah, you are the Apple of my i. "Shut up and fly me not just to the moon but to the entire Galaxy!"
BuzzFeed also has some funny ones:

There is always the literal version:

This one surely was brewing as soon as the parodies began:

Finally, Fifty Shades, SG-style!...

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