Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Think, man, think!

Listen up, Mr Abe!
(Your Crown Prince is obviously wiser than you)


Listen up, Mr Edwin Pang!
(You know the saying?... Be careful what you wish for)

There are intact or reunited/reconstituted polities today that can proudly claim an unbroken history going back to "In the beginning...".  These include the United Kingdom (still holding together, for now), Germany, France, Russia, and Israel. Closer to home are China, Japan, Vietnam and Indonesia.

Why do you think that countries like the United States and Australia -- while acknowledging their pre-colonial and colonial past -- skate carefully there and instead play up their post-Independence history? So, be careful what you wish for.

Listen up, Mr Health Minister!
(please set aside time to listen to these pleas and to take note of all those unsatisfactory replies)

Anyone of us may have to call for an ambulance if a medical situation arises. So, please, put this matter on your plate, Mr Minister.

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