Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Go on, egg my day!

If you love to eat eggs, this is egg-citing news from the Washington Post...
(haha, "nutrient of concern" indeed!)

I found this egg-cellent article by Sylvia Tan in a Mind Your Body edition from last month:

The other "C" in healthy-eating concerns is of course calories. I also found this comparison of healthy and unhealthy hawker dishes:

Look carefully at the tabulation... in the healthy column, one bowl of cheng tng has 188 kilocalories. But, wait a minute!  In the unhealthy column, one bowl of ice kachang is "merely" 178 kilocalories. And one unhealthy curry puff (I had one this afternoon) chalks up 300 kilocalories, about the same as a bowl of prawn noodle soup and less than two other soup-based meals on the left hand side. But I suppose one can counter-argue that a curry puff is a snack, not a meal in itself.

OK, last foodie-related item:

20 snacks that defined your Singapore childhood

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