Thursday, May 29, 2014

Holesome politics.

From the lips of the prime minister to the those of the leader of the opposition and other MPs, two words -- "constructive politics" -- have been expounded on and dissected in the current session of Parliament, and splashed across local newspaper headlines. Also tossed into the parliamentary chambers were admonitions about the dangers of destructive "money politics, power politics, racial politics and the politics of envy".

Whew! I am glad the PM then took time out from all that heated exchange -- during which no definition of what politics really is was tendered -- to expound on "holesome politics" (my coinage) in an egalitarian Singapore. Yes, holesome, as in...

I thought, "Hey, this is both a political statement and a fashion statement", which I too could wear on my sleeve. So I looked for my own shirts with holes in them but, alas, I found none. I swore I had a few but the better half must have disposed of them. Not very egalitarian, I thought.

But I then realised I could keep in step with -- and even steal a march on -- the emerging "politics of holes":

These are very comfortable Crocs shoes -- and I still wear them. I had to stay one step ahead of Angie who had threatened to get rid of them. But that danger dissipated, after she recently bought herself a pair of women's Crocs shoes. She is now a convert to the cause; on the Crocs side, so to speak. There are no holes in them yet. They are still new and wholesome, not yet holesome.

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