Sunday, May 4, 2014

May the blog be with you...

Two fans of Star Wars (Liane and KA) impressed upon me that today, May the Fourth (May 4th), is Star Wars Day:

Hmm, I wonder how people in China think about it, especially if one reads the above as "May The Fourth" (pause) "Be With You". The May Fourth Movement (May 4, 1919) marked an awakening especially among students, of Chinese nationalism, and among the targets of their wrath were Western and Japanese nationals whose countries were deemed to have violated China's sovereignty.

So a present-day Chinese admiral sending his sailors off to patrol the East and South China seas may well say: "May The Fourth Be With You!"

Here in Singapore, there was some excitement:

Star Wars Day brings the Force to Singapore

There are of course the usual spoofs on the now-famous tagline (and one below on the Dark Side):

This year being the Year of the Horse, there was this local blog which had a rendition that Chinese people worldwide will find amusing:

I also found this Star Wars spoof song (below) by "Weird Al" Yankovic. The music is from American Pie; and its title is "The Saga Begins":


I'll wrap up on an inspirational note...  this Irish Blessing:

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