Sunday, May 18, 2014

Some bright ideas...

1. The Republic of Singlish Air Force (RSAF)

Someone must have started spreading a story that the pilots from Singapore's F-16 training detachment in the US were being outfoxed during Exercise Red Flag by their American air force counterparts. The story goes on to say that some bright spark then suggested that the Singapore pilots switch to using Singlish over the intercom. That did it... the yanks were now on the receiving end of the RSAF pilots' missiles! True? Unlikely (ie, our pilots do not need Singlish to out-dogfight the Americans), but it makes for a good yarn:

Mr Brown and some friends decided to join in the sky larking and produced a very funny podcast of how the Singlish Air Force won the day...


2. Singlish by the numbers

Another bright spark probably with nothing better to do (jiak pah siew eng) came up with this "alphanumeric exercise" below. "Chinese, Malaysians and Singaporeans" (it is claimed here) will understand the humour but others might not be amused. They might be nonplussed (catch no ball/liak boh kiew)...


3. Do you have the balls? You won't liak boh kiew with these two...

Drop them into the clothes dryer and they will separate and soften the pile of laundry, the product packaging's blurb brightly proclaimed:

Did these $3 "dryer balls" work? Indeed, they seem to, and will supposedly keep doing so for at least two years. But then, I'm a sucker for gadgets.


4. Towards a brighter Singapore

Are you doing your part? I am...

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  1. Haha you are making light of the president's speech!