Friday, November 1, 2013

Behind the headlines (Part 1)...

My collection of noteworthy headlines is building up, so here's some recent ones:

Don't mess with this "hands-on" judge! He not only issues a gag order, he literally means it and personally takes action.

There's nothing wrong with the headline below.

I'm just waiting for some clever (and imaginative) headline writer to come up with:

Till debts do us part


I've said this before; it takes equal parts of imagination and inspiration to come with a recipe for a creatively crafted headline. This one is accurate but mundane...

But this one, reporting the same story, has pizzazz...


This is a really really bad headline! Headline writers are not supposed to resort to what we call "label headlines" ie those without action words (verbs). This label headline does not even make sense...


This is not the way to use "probe/probed" in a headline...

It gives the impression the poor guy is yelling out "Ouch! Ouch!". Ditto for this one:

There is no ambiguity when "probe" and its variations are used in the contexts below:


This one is misleading. But, then, it might have  been intentional...

The Mahathir in question is not the famous one we seem to have been led to believe!...


This one was spotted by KA:

Okay... so that makes the kids "lab rats"?

Finally, one constant fear of a headline writer is the headline's unfortunate juxtaposition with an ad that somehow -- unintentionally -- "connects" to it...

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