Friday, November 15, 2013

Going behind bars...

Getting one's just desserts?

Lawyers are called to the Bar (why is it called that?). Convicted criminals end up behind bars. But why would anyone else want a feel of what it's like behind bars? To have a taste of prison food? There was this classified ad teaser in ST:

The story itself -- under the "Travel Bug" tag -- shed light on places (not in Singapore) where "prisoner food" is served:

Well, Singapore has its "Changi Hotel". Naughty boys like me, growing up, were warned that if we ended up there, all we would get for meals were black beans and porridge -- the standard fare (so went the myth). Who knows, some local entrepreneur might set up a prison-themed restaurant here. For its location, I recommend Rotan Lane. I am sure the eatery will offer more than black beans and porridge. Maybe something like Buddha Jumps Over the (Prison) Wall? The dessert will have to be Lemon Bars. And the background music? Jailhouse Rock, for sure.

Still on jail time, the newspapers and social media sites got excited over one man's day in court:


Here's the real meaning of "Pissed Off"!


Finally, of course it's jail time if you go round clubbing people!...

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