Thursday, November 7, 2013

Catching readers' eyeballs.

When timing is everything

ST had this pic today (Nov 7):

It seemed like a very good "action" snapshot...  until I saw TODAY's pic:

I think ordinary readers will agree with me this latter one is the better shot. The elapsed time between the two moments could not have been long so I wonder why the ST photographer did not capture the second scene, or if he did, why did the editors choose the published one.


Photo op gone too far?

Yes, we all know politicians love "photo op" moments, from kissing babies to twerking (okay, I take that back... I have not seen pics of politicos twerking). But don't you think this pic of the Camerons is kind of bizarre? What next? The man looking like Fu Manchu come Chinese New Year?


For sure, it was not Love Potion No 9...

Still on catching readers' eyeballs, I think ST should have projected this bizarre but fascinating story below more prominently, perhaps with a small tongue-in-cheek illustration:


I just love that judge's wickedly funny comments!

What better way to wrap up than to put here that old, old song, Love Potion No 9! (Apparently, it was used in a 1992 movie starring Sandra Bullock)...

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