Monday, November 18, 2013

A food roadmap: The GI and FODMAP routes.

Glycemic Index (GI)

Just mention char kway teow (one of my favourite foods) and I'm all ears. Or, in the case of this ST story (Nov 18), I'm all eyes:

Okay, so the story's more about Glycemic Index (GI) and the Asian diet. Sigh, the ingredients that go into that sinful plate of char kway teow -- and the way it is cooked -- would put this meal under the high GI category:



The other term I'm highlighting today is FODMAP. An acronym, it's quite a mouthful if read out...

I learnt about FODMAP when I recently saw a specialist at NUH's Digestive Centre (hmm, is this where the kampong chicken went to after it had had its meal?):

But I digest, I mean, I digress. When I asked what kind of diet I should have to reduce the bloating and gas I tend to develop by evening time, the good doctor turned to his computer and Googled for... yes, FODMAP. He printed out the Stanford University Medical Center's Low FODMAP Diet. You can Google for that but I think this link below, which includes a podcast, is pretty helpful too:

There's also this other link, by the doctor who came up with the FODMAP concept:

These images below help identify what are high and low FODMAP foods, and why more gas is produced in the case of the former:


I am not ready to give up on all those FODMAP-heavy foods so I have not started on a low FODMAP diet yet, but I could live with these two examples:

Best of all, the durian is a low-FODMAP fruit!

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