Friday, November 8, 2013

Weekend funny bones...

Here's some tickle-the-funny-bone stuff for the weekend:

From Tom...

Yesterday, I went to buy joss sticks and joss paper to pray for my ancestors.
The towkay (boss) asked me if I wanted to buy paper iphone to burn -- along with the joss sticks and joss paper -- for my ancestors. I said they know how to use or not?

He said Steve Jobs already "there", so he can teach them to use. I said "ok, lor".

He asked want to buy casing? I also said ok.

Next he asked me if I wanted Bluetooth? I said might as well lor.

What about charger? I said need charger meh? He said of course lah, after battery no power how? So I bought the charger also.

Then I asked for his name card. He said why you need my name card?

I said I will burn his name card also for my ancestors. For warranty claim, they will contact you direct, lor."

From Nick...

14 Words That Are Their Own Opposites

(Okay, this one tickles the brain, rather than the funny bone.)


And from Auntie Florence...

Airport Advice

Heck, I paid for my recent colonoscopy. This advice came too late for me.

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