Sunday, November 10, 2013

More job titles... from cunning linguist to erection supervisor.

I suppose, if you are going for a massage, you'll want to know the difference between a masseur and a masseuse. But do I care which gender makes the pastry?...

Meanwhile, this ad gives a description of what is being "crafted" but not the "artisan's" job title:

Now look at this picture. You are correct if you caption it "Dumb waiter":

Just don't call her that! A dumb waiter is a small lift (elevator) that carries small objects such as what you see above.

Dishwashers are no longer politically correct. It's dish technician, if you don't mind:

Yesterday, I wondered what is a criminal lawyer. There are many other similar puzzling job titles (including copy editor, I suppose). These include child psychiatrist and plastic surgeon. Bernard told me this one:

The man, resplendent in his bemedalled uniform, was trying to impress the attractive woman at a cocktail party. "I am a naval surgeon," he proclaimed.

"Really, I didn't know the belly-button needs such special attention!" she exclaimed.

Then there's the rise of the machine -- the robotic surgeon:

Speaking of erectile issues, remember this pic I had previously posted?...

Well, the person in charge of this work is called an erection supervisor. Here's one such ad:

And apparently there's a construction firm with this name:

I was realising by now that there were job titles (real or self-invented) that were anything but mundane, such as these:

...a versatile tongue gets you to many exotic places?

...professional jerk?

...there's this animal called the horny goat. So there will be horny goatologists?

These three pics above came from this website below:

(The guys will all be vying to be contestant escorts!)

Here's a couple more related links:

Finally, you can create your own pompous/facetious job title with this "generator":

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