Friday, November 22, 2013

Straight talk.

What to say when it comes down to the wire...

If there's one thing I miss since I retired, it is interacting with writers who know their stuff. John Mcbeth is one of them. His article on the Australia-Indonesia phone-tapping/wiretapping fallout, which appeared today (ST Opinion, Nov 22), characteristically cuts to the chase:

In the process of editing his copy, I have had the pleasure of exchanging with him nuggets on newsmakers and regional issues. These extracts below were obviously carefully and succinctly crafted:


I like John's parting shot about the Indonesian counter-terrorism unit "using some but perhaps not all of that equipment themselves". Very delicately put!

Hendropriyono himself (second extract above) has been recently quoted as saying "a spy is supposed to spy". He has given an interesting interview to the Sydney Morning Herald:

Meanwhile, there are always buffoons, such as this Australian man (TODAY, Nov 22):

What a silly man. Marty (whom I got to know when we were both PhD students at the ANU) had no choice but to express outrage the moment the scandal broke out. Why try and antagonise him?
What's next? North to Alaska, and south to Singapore?

I felt this ST news item (Nov 22) below has strategic import:

I think it is another example of Singapore's long-horizon savviness when it comes to ensuring its national interests. And how would such shale gas be delivered to Singapore? It will not be so soon, and -- who knows? -- by then, the Arctic route (Northern Sea Route) might well be in operation. Alaska to Singapore?

What did she say while hanging on for dear life?...


..."My life is in your hands, so watch it, I'll still come after you, if you let go."? That must have done the trick.

What did the patient say? I've got a Ring of Fire!

Finally, if you enjoyed the parody song "Waking Up Is Hard to Do" in yesterday's blog entry, here's more. The group of singers, called the Laryngospasms, are actually medical professionals:

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