Saturday, October 19, 2013

A done/to-do list...

Got it!... the original NASA joke

ST missed the Hodgson monkey gaffe story which TODAY carried yesterday but made up for it today (Oct 19) with an excellent commentary by Rob Hughes:

Best of all, Hughes recounted the original NASA joke which I failed to find online yesterday:


To do (by the relevant authorities)
Picture poser: Flags transposed?
(Shouldn't the Chinese flag be set on the right, and vice versa?)


Yet to be done
So, there were secret talks after all!
I had previously blogged about how important it was for the current Japanese and Chinese leaders to meet, and why Tokyo's bid to set up a summit should not have been rejected outright by Beijing. Now we are told there were secret talks (ST, Oct 17), but it's still no go.


To do (if you fall into the category below)
Get a doll... and make sure it can cry and laugh!


Being done
My 3-day meal regime:

I have to follow those instructions above prior to my colonoscopy op on Monday. At first I thought, What! No steaks, no lamb chops, no cappuccinos, no red bean desserts, etc etc.

Then I had a careful look at the "what I can eat and drink" section. Ah!...
My daily shot of expresso coffee
Char kway teow
Chicken nasi briyani
Hainanese chicken rice
Yeo's canned curry chicken (with white bread)
Fish porridge
Fish and chips
Roast chicken and chips
Chicken burger and chips
Fish burger and chips.

I can live with that.

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